One Diniwid Boracay Island Malay, Aklan
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Diniwid Beach Boracay

One Diniwid Boracay

Diniwid Beach is a fair distance from the hype of White Beach Stations but also far enough for some peace and quiet. Located just beyond the footpath at the edge of Station 1, Diniwid is one of the many secluded beaches in Boracay Island and already has a growing popularity. Diniwid Beach is only a 15-minute ride from the center becoming a secret gem for tourists over the years.

Diniwid also houses some of the best private beach villas in Boracay. Among these are Diniview, Diniwid Hills and Diniwid Villas. Nami Resort is found nearby with their restaurant and rooms built around a cliff featuring majestic ocean views. Other popular resorts include Microtel Inn and Boracay West Cove.

A local favorite chillout spot is Spider House, a bar and restaurant hanging just above the waters of Diniwid Beach which is spread with sunbeds for guests who wants to soak up the sun and enjoy a few cocktails and beers. If guests prefer having sunset drinks right at the beachfront, Wahine Bar is also an excellent choice.

After sunset, Diniwid beach transforms into a place of tranquility as you can only hear the gentle crashing of the waves against the shore and a few lights illuminating the night time.

One Diniwid Boracay

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Marianne says:

Diniwid Beach is a quiet place where you can relax enjoy the white sand and this place is not crouded small people is living to this place. I enjoyed my sunbathing while drinking coconut juice . I want to go back to this place next time!

March 14, 2017 at 2:53 am

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